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Marisa Lapico
NUTRITION The answer of the soul - food culture emotions health
(Anche in italiano)
A journey through the human body, the discovery of a fantasy world where the single parts come into harmony with each other and make the most extraordinary musical work ever written before: the symphony of Life. This journey is narrated by Marisa Lapico, author of the book: "Nutrition the response of the soul.” The anatomy of the human body and all of its functions, resulting in a ‘fascinating adventure that gives voice to every little cell, starting from the brain, through the various organs, to reach the intestine.
A fantastic itinerary which, in a simple and fairytale language, leads to the "right” knowledge of the human body and the processes that regulate it to achievea single and only goal: the psicho-physical wellness. Through this story, the reader will run through again the same, identical itinerary the food every day performs in our bodies, even before being brought to our mouth.
It is easy to understand how the desire to eat comes from a need different from what everyone believes, that is to satisfy the immediate feeling of hunger.
Its origins are far deeper and more ancient, related to our inner side. It is our own soul looking for a good "nourishment” to get rid of false models and stereotypes that society imposes in order to find the unity to which it belongs and to which, inevitably, it tends.
It is through these pages that the knowledge of the mysterious relationship between the soul and nutrition takes shape. A process that the science is not able to translate yet , with chemical and mathematical formulas, but that nature itself already contains.

Esiste anche una versione in e-book nella sezione E-book

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Pagine 128
ISBN 978-88-7549-490-2
€ 11,00


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Credits by TecnoTrade